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Trend and technology promotional items

Twing specializes in innovative promotional products that appeal to young target groups. Especially for students and learners. Our claim is that the promotional gifts do not just end up in a corner, but are used and bring joy.

Cool give aways around the cell phone & more

Techies take note: We present you the promotional products trends 2023, with focus on cell phone accessories and other technology promotional gifts. All promotional products ideas shown meet high quality standards and have been tested by us for coolness and usefulness.

These are the give away and Promotional products trends 2023

Wireless charger as advertising material

Simply place your smartphone on it and let it charge wirelessly: The Wireless Charger from Twing not only looks cool, but can also do a lot. Your brand is elegantly brought into focus with the wireless charging station by illuminating the logo when charging the smartphone. Compatible with all Qi enabled devices and a useful giveaway for home or work. Now new, the Wireless Charger is also available in cork or wheat straw.

RFID Blocker Card as Promotional Gift

Did you know that just one app is enough to steal all personal data from a wallet? This is called skimming, and with the RFID/NFC Blocker card from Twing, this is no longer possible. The card is simply inserted into the wallet and interferes with the frequency of card readers. All credit cards, bank cards, ID cards, etc. are thus protected against electronic data theft. With the RFID Blocker Card you give security as a promotional item.

Smartphone holder as promotional item

When it comes to promotional items for cell phones, the Twing Handyring is right up there with the rest. The high-quality proprietary product of Twing convinces with its durability and beautiful workmanship. Once you have the Handy Finger Holder on your smartphone, you won’t want to give it up. Get your own cell phone finger holder printed with your logo now. A custom packaging design for the smartphone holder is included.

Smartphone card holder print

Smartphone and card holder in one: The holder convinces with its design and beautiful workmanship. The cell phone wallet to stick is available in recycled leather, artificial leather or organic plastic. Once you have the cell phone card holder on your smartphone, you will not want to give up this gadget.

Get your own cell phone card holder printed with your logo now incl. individual packing.

Amazing: the card wallet hasroom for more than 10 credit cards, notes or coins  thanks to elastic band.

3-in-1 lanyard incl. Charging cable

If you like it fancy when it comes to technology promotional gifts, this 3-in-1 lanyard with charging cable will serve you very well. The lanyard can also be used as a key ring and, depending on the design, as an information carrier (e.g. with measuring tape).

All available connections for mobile devices are available with this charging cable always with you. The design of the promotional item also looks really stylish.

3-in-1 mini fan promotional item

The mini fan can provide real cooling in the summer. Let yourself be surprised how strong the fan power of this gadget is.

The 3-in-1 Mini Fan is compatible with any smartphone thanks to its three different connectors (mini USB, Lightning, USB Type C). Definitely a “cool” promotional item for the summer or festival season.

PopSockets as promotional item

The trend give-away from the USA is now brand-new also available in Switzerland – exclusively at Twing as the only Swiss representative for PopSockets. Would you like to have the high-quality little wonder gadgets printed with your logo as well? Contact us now without obligation. We’ll be happy to send you ready-made digital mock-ups of the smart phone holders or a free sample right away.

Webcam cover incl. Flyer

The webcam cover conveys the messages “security”, “technology” and “digital” as well and meaningfully as almost no other promotional item.

Who will not be happy to have such a smart gadget with beautiful logo printing in 2021? By the way, exclusively at Twing you get your individual packaging design along with the webcam cover.

All-in-one travel adapter with logo

The all-in-one travel adapter from Twing also belongs in the category of useful giveaways. The practical adapter is compatible in over 220 countries around the world. It also has 3 USB ports for charging mobile devices.

The logo is elegantly illuminated when charging. The Twing travel adapter is an original and at the same time useful technology promotional gift that accompanies you for a lifetime – therefore also in our promotional products trends.

Cell phone holder as promotional item

What should not be missing in the car on the road? Exactly: A functional cell phone holder for in the car.

And why? With the compact Twing car phone holder, the smartphone has its permanent place in the car. This is because it is simply docked magnetically when you get on. Ideal for all Google Maps users or to navigate the Spotify playlist. The small and discreet smartphone holder makes oversized car mounts unnecessary.

Eco coffee mug with logo

Do you like sustainable giveaways? Ideal for on the go, this eco coffee mug is one of the best and most useful promotional items 2021. Want to have your own stylish coffee to go mug printed? 

We can fulfill almost all branding and color requests for you. Contact us now if you are interested in a perfectly printed and sustainable coffee mug to go as a promotional item with your logo and colors.

More promotional products ideas?

A positive return on investment should also be the goal when it comes to giveaways. Twing helps you get the most out of your marketing budget. Contact us now with your requirements or let us provide you with free suggestions.

We are looking forward to your inquiry! 😊

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