We love to give away

Twing is the Swiss innovation leader for customer gifts, employee gifts and giveaways.

Product Innovation for Brands: We discover, develop and design products for companies with a wow effect.

Trend Scouting & Sourcing

Every day we are looking for product ideas that are unique. Thanks to our international partner network, we are at the source of innovation. With a keen sense of potential trends, we give our customers a head start.

Product Design & Quality

Promotional items do not mean mass-produced goods. For our corporate customers, we launch fresh and thoughtful product ideas that are a joy to use. In addition to stylishly designed products, we attach great importance to sustainability. For us, this means wherever possible: recyclable, recycled or reusable materials. Twing products meet strict Swiss quality standards.


Our slogan is also our business philosophy: “We love to give away”. Only those who give also receive back – this not only works wonderfully in terms of promotional gifts. Twing develops first-class giveaways that bring joy to people. As a result, everyone always benefits – recipient and sender. Twing is a forward-looking company that loves change.


The customer of the future expects meaningful, sustainable and useful promotional products that are actually used. Twing’s goal is to produce the majority of all promotional gifts in Europe within the next 3 years. Already today, Twing has an extensive supplier network with producers from Germany and even Switzerland.

We are proud that we can already offer many products Made in Switzerland. This is anything but “business as usual” in the promotional products industry.

Our partners

For an effective, sustainable advertising impact

The physical customer gift is the only instrument in the communication mix that appeals to all the senses. Therefore, it is many times more efficient in its effect than a Youtube spot or a briefly skimmed Facebook ad. Innovative promotional products not only enjoy a high level of acceptance among recipients, but they also convey strong emotions and thus have a much longer lasting effect.

Twing is convinced that a lasting advertising effect is primarily determined by the creative idea of the object. Existing and potential customers want usable promotional items with “that certain something”.

The 5 Twing success criteria for your giveaway

Brand Awareness


Wow effect



Product innovation for B2B and B2C

The name Twing still stands for “Twisting Ring” – borrowed from the company’s first product: the Handyring. From a pure B2B supplier of innovative promotional products, giveaways and employee gifts, Twing has evolved into a brand that stands for consistent product innovation and sustainable design.

Meet the Team

We are Twing. Every day at work for you with a single mission: to rid the world of boring promotional products. We look forward to getting to know you!

Simon Achermann

Customer Happiness

Andrin Caviezel

Marketing & Success

Danea Massaro

Customer Happiness

Noemi Ryhner

Dini Fläsche & Backoffice

Ephrem Stefanos

Finance & Business Development

Luca Schindler

Account Management

Nabi Ahmadi

Graphic Design

Nastia Vasylyshena

Art Direction

Philip Hunziker

Marketing & Business Development

Chloe Bin Gu

Supply Chain Management

Martin Weidlich

Accounting & Operations


Want to join us in driving the giveaway revolution? We are always open to talent and new contacts.

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If we do not have any vacancies at the moment, you can also send us your unsolicited application to hallo@twing.swiss.