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Cork is known for its versatile properties. The material is elastic and dense. No wonder cork has been used as a bottle stopper since ancient times. But cork is much more than just “cork”. Cork can be used to produce environmentally friendly alternatives for jewelry, clothing, furniture – and yes, even sustainable promotional items. In this post you will find the best promotional cork gifts that can be branded with your logo.

What actually is cork?

The term “cork” refers to a material obtained from the bark of the cork oak. The cork oak is native to southern countries such as Portugal (the world’s largest producer of cork). To extract the natural cork, the cork oak is not felled – it is peeled. The tree does not suffer any damage as a result, but lives on and forms a new bark sustainably and naturally. Cork is therefore a natural and ecological material that grows again.

Below we have listed the best promotional items made of cork. Get inspired by our selection of cork promotional gifts made in Europe.

Cork yoga mat

The feather-light yoga mat is made of 100% sustainable and fairly produced natural cork and is a super soft base for sports activities. Doing yoga or other exercises on a yoga mat that has been sustainably and fairly produced from a natural product is even more fun and motivates you to exercise regularly! The yoga mat is perfect as a sustainable promotional gift and is great to personalize with your logo. Leave a lasting and sporty impression on your customers and employees.

Cork notebook

The notebook is a real classic among promotional items. But why always from leather or imitation leather, when it is also possible from renewable cork? The cork notebook is produced by hand in a Portuguese traditional manufactory exclusively, fair and sustainable. A very nice and personal giveaway that will stay with you for a long time.

Cork umbrella

Especially on a gray and rainy day, umbrellas are the best companions. Increasingly, sustainable materials – instead of plastic – are being used to cover umbrellas. The 100% natural cork from Portugal is one of them. The material is water repellent, making it perfect for covering umbrellas. In addition, the cork umbrella is an absolute eye-catcher and can be ideally provided with your logo and branding. A promotional item with great impact and high everyday use.

Cork shopping bag

The cork shopping bag brings your groceries home safely and in style – without the need to buy a plastic bag. The unique look of cork and the practical design in different sizes make the shopping bag an eye catcher. Cork feels soft and is similar in feel to suede – with the difference that no animal suffers here. Reason enough to include the cork shopping bag in our top cork promotional products.

Cork backpack

Who does not like to be out in nature, and that with sustainable equipment. Made of ecological cork backpack is a statement and a practical companion everyday life and trips. The flexible and durable backpacks offer enough space and also look super cool. Since the material is water repellent, the packed things always stay dry. In our opinion, a very cool giveaway that not only hiking freaks can use.

Cork hat

Caps and fishing hats made of cork are the perfect complement to sustainable clothing. They not only look exclusive, but also protect the wearer from strong sunlight. The versatile models leave no taste empty and are a super alternative to hats, or caps made of leather. A practical promotional gift on which your brand can be perfectly printed or engraved.

Cork fanny pack

The fanny pack made of natural cork with a soft feel is water resistant, 100% vegan and perfect for traveling. The zipper makes the fanny pack easy to close. The cork bag is light as a feather and yet resilient. The generous compartment offers space for wallets, smartphones, keychains and much more. The customizable cork fanny packs are a real eye-catcher as a promotional product and are sure to leave a lasting impression on your customers or employees.

Cork mouse pad

A computer mouse is needed in every office or home office. And where a mouse is needed, a mouse pad is also beneficial. This mouse pad is made of 100% natural cork, which is extracted and processed in Portugal. Cork has a smooth and very pleasant texture, which makes working on the computer much easier. Also a promotional classic – in sustainable and cool.

Cork Hot Pads

The hot pads made of natural cork offer perfect protection for tables or work surfaces and give “heat rings” no chance. Natural cork provides excellent insulating properties, so dishes and pans can be placed on the hot pads directly from the stove or oven without damaging surfaces. With your branding, definitely a super practical giveaway for any household!

Cork Office Organizer

Who doesn’t know it: You just want to go about your work, but can’t concentrate with the mess at your desk and can’t find your things in the chaos. An office organizer – made of cork, of course – is the perfect solution for getting back into the flow.

Cork wallet

The various cork wallet models offer space for coins, bills, credit cards and everything that needs to go. The cork fabric is very strong, tear-resistant, water-repellent and particularly light. Our different, cool designs are timeless and meet almost every taste. You certainly won’t go wrong with this sustainable promotional gift!

More interesting cork products

Nothing suitable found? Just give us a call – we’re sure to find the right cork giveaway for your company and your target group. Here are a few bonus ideas in advance:

  • Wine / Champagne Stopper
  • Business folder
  • Cable Organizer
  • Placemats
  • Necessaire
  • Glass saucer