Edible giveaways: 10 tasty ideas

The best gift is one that you can eat! In this post, you'll learn our top 10 edible giveaway items!

The best gift is one that you can eat! After all, the way to the heart is through the stomach. But to make sure you hit the right taste buds of your target group, we’ll show you our top 10 ideas for edible giveaways in this post..

Why you should use edible promotional products?

Aside from the fact that we all like to snack from time to time, edible giveaways are also very popular for numerous other reasons. The choice of personalizable delicacies is almost endless! So there is certainly something for every taste and budget class.

Edible gifts don’t lie around uselessly and gather dust, but are actually (and gladly) used. Moreover, promotional products are the only marketing tool that appeals to all five senses. As a result, they remain longer in the target group’s memory and are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression!

These are our top 10 edible giveaways

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to edible giveaways. To help you decide on the right goodie, here are our top 10 edible giveaways:

Branded gummy bears

Chocolate with own logo

Energy drinks with logo

Branded M&M’s

Ginger shots with branding

Branded tea bags

Insect snacks with logo

Chewing gum with own logo

Alcohol bottles with logo

Gift basket with branding

1. gummy bears with branding

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Colorfully mixed and adapted to your logo, branded candies and gummy bears are real eye-catchers and therefore a popular promotional item. And rightly so! Because thanks to the vibrant colors and fruity taste of the sweets, they will ensure unforgettable recognition of your brand! They are particularly suitable at trade fairs or at the reception desk, where people are always happy to access the handy treats.

2. chocolate with own company logo

Chocolate is universally popular and can be used in many different ways as a promotional item. Whether as small giveaway “Schöggeli” for promotional campaigns or as high-quality packaged pralines for loyal customers – you can hardly take care of your clientele in a more tasteful way! Your employees or suppliers will also be delighted to receive a thank-you gift in the form of personalized chocolate.

3. energy drinks with logo

In addition to edible goodies, drinkable promotional gifts are also very popular. Caffeinated energy drinks are at the forefront of this trend. These provide your target group with an extra dose of power and are therefore especially appreciated for their wake-up properties! Designed with your logo and in your design, they are definitely a real eye-catcher and a welcome thirst quencher!

4. branded M&M’s

Who doesn’t like them: the crunchy, colored chocolate nuts? M&M’s are the perfect treat for the hunger in between and provide with their bright colors for a good mood. Therefore, they are also suitable as an original promotional gift. Not only is your logo visible on every single M&M, you can also design the packaging entirely according to your brand design. This way, your brand catches the eye twice with every bite!

5. ginger shots with branding

After all those sugary treats, how about something healthy like a fine ginger shot for a change? Sounds unusual at first, but it goes down very well, especially in winter and with a health-conscious target group! The vitamin-rich shots strengthen the immune system and keep your customers and employees fit and alert all year round. A real win-win situation!

6. branded tea bags

Wait and see was yesterday! Instead, give it away as a promotional gift to your customers or employees. Tea comes in almost every flavor and variety imaginable, with or without caffeine. So there is certainly something for everyone! Likewise, tea has a positive effect on the mind and well-being of your target audience, which is sure to keep your brand in favorable memory!

7. insect snacks with logo

Your target group likes to be adventurous? Then here we have the right promotional gift for you! delicious insect snacks they can be distorted both fried as salty chips or pressed as sweet protein bars. No matter which variant you choose – a unique customer experience is guaranteed!

8. chewing gum with own logo

Chewing gum not only freshens your breath, it also has a calming effect and helps relieve stress. In addition, it promotes blood flow to the brain and thus has a positive effect on the ability to concentrate at work. Custom printed with your company logo, they are the perfect gift to boost the performance and motivation of your employees!

9. alcohol bottle with logo

Most adults like to indulge in a drink or two every now and then on the weekend. So why not give away a personalized bottle of gin or wine as a promotional gift? This leaves a lasting impression not only in the form of fun memories, but also in empty state as a decorative item provided with a special message of your brand!

10. gift basket with branding

You can’t make up your mind because of all the options? You don’t have to! Because a gift basket is the solution! Filled with a wide variety of treats and specialties, you can tailor it to your target group. So there is certainly always something for every taste. Let your creativity run wild, your clientele will love you for it!

Now you’ve gotten hungry for innovative giveaways? Then send us your individual request for a promotional item with WOW effect that suits you and your target group!