Handyring buy? These 5 tips you should definitely consider when buying

Smartphone holder, cell phone stand, cell phone holder, finger ring or simply cell phone ring – usually this means the trendy little helper on the back of the smartphone. Here you can find out which criteria you should pay attention to when buying a hand ring and why a bad investment can quickly become expensive.

Handyring comparison: Why a comparison is worthwhile!

Depending on the model and, of course, the quality, the prices for hand rings range from CHF 1.- to CHF 20.- (approx. EUR 1.50 to 15.-). Who now thinks, “what can you do wrong? In the worst case, you will lose a few francs or euros if you make a mistake”, you are making a mistake in thinking: If the quality of the hand-held ring is insufficient, not only the ring will end up in the trash, but in the worst case, your smartphone as well. There are numerous models that leave much to be desired in terms of smartphone grip. This can lead to nasty surprises. So not only a few francs are quickly gone, but also sometimes CHF 1200.- (yes, we also find the new iPhone too expensive) – depending on what kind of smartphone you own.

The smartphone ring can make handling the smartphone much easier and helps small hands to be able to cover the entire screen with just one hand or thumb without the smartphone falling to the floor.

Buying Handyring – what should you look out for?

Those who want to buy a cell phone ring, usually do so because they have recently seen the useful gadget at a colleague. Since there are numerous models to buy online, we would like to give you a small overview in the Handyring jungle.

Tip 1: Model or material selection

Basically, the Handyring can be bought in all kinds of shapes and colors. Here is a small glimpse of the extensive range on offer on the net:

Here, everyone is sure to find something to his taste. Most models are made of plastic. That’s not bad per se, but you should still pay attention here. Such models are usually insufficiently processed and leave much to be desired in terms of ring and adhesive mass or adhesion.

The motto is quite clear: material is key. This also applies to the imprint. This is printed on plastic predominantly and can scratch over time. If you want a cell phone ring with a specific design, we recommend metal, as the imprint is usually laser engraved. Attention: A laser engraving is not colored. So, if your desired cell phone ring has different colors, it is a printing that is likely to peel off or scratch rather easily. This happens relatively quickly – a few coins or a key in the pants pocket are enough.

Tip 2: Does the mobile ring adhere reliably to the smartphone?

This factor should be given a very special attention. If the smartphone holder does not adhere 100%, your smartphone will soon be gone. Therefore, be sure that the product is equipped with a good adhesive (and original) at best. This adheres reliably when properly fastened. With other adhesives, it can happen that the mobile ring comes off when your smartphone heats up too much (e.g. watching a YouTube video for a long time).

Tip 3: Rotation behavior Does the ring rotate 360 degrees?

Here, too, there are major differences. Some cell phone holders (especially plastic models) are not rotatable. Only the ring itself can be rotated, the plastic surface remains immobile on the smartphone. The disadvantage with this processing is that the ring becomes loose more quickly because the pivot point is concentrated on a small area.

The situation is different with higher-quality models: Here, the entire surface is equipped with a ball bearing. This means that the entire Handyring can be rotated. This not only makes the user experience much more pleasant, but also makes the mobile ring much more stable.

Tip 4: Lifetime – How long does the Handyring remain stable?

You cannot expect a cell phone ring to have the same lifespan as a smartphone. However, it must stick to the smartphone as long as the device is in use. The fact that the ring itself becomes a bit looser after some time is normal depending on the use. However, the Handyring should remain of at least the same quality for a few months. This is where most products fail and the wheat is separated from the chaff. Once you start playing around with most models on a regular basis, they’ll be completely loose after just a week or two. It can no longer be used as a stand (e.g. to watch videos) by then at the latest. This was also the biggest challenge in the development of the Twing hand ring. However, thanks to a special processing technique, this remains absolutely stable for much longer (up to 8 months).

Tip 5: Do not disregard additional functions.

Many initially overlook the fact that the Handyring is more than a fun gimmick. Besides the function as a smartphone stand and the better handling, e.g. for selfies, the Handyring should have another function: Namely, it should be magnetic. What’s in it for you? The cell phone can thus be attached to a holder (smartphone holder) – e.g. in the car and function as a navigation device. A smartphone holder can also be placed as a kind of station, for example, in the kitchen. This means that the smartphone can be docked anywhere and very easily. This useful additional function, especially as a docking station in the car, should not be disregarded.


Here again, the most important 6 tips you should look out for when buying a hand ring, summarized in brief.

Model and material: Plastic cell phone rings are usually printed in color and are more eye-catching in terms of design, but they have clear deficits in terms of stability and adhesion. We recommend the metal variant with laser engraving. Especially for companies, the discreet and visually more high-quality laser engraving is usually the preferred choice.

Adhesion: The be-all and end-all. A qualitative adhesive compound is a must. Otherwise, not only the cell phone ring will be unusable, but soon the smartphone as well.

Rotation behavior: Does the Handyring rotate cleanly and 360 degrees? The adhesive mass should be on a ball bearing.

Durability: The sticking point is the processing of the ring. This is where most models fail, as the ring becomes loose after just a few days. Thus, the function as a smartphone stand is omitted.

Additional functions: Here you should definitely check whether the ring is magnetic. This is because it can be easily docked to any smartphone holder or other magnetic surface. This is especially useful in the car (docking station or as a navigation device).