Webcam Cover Universal black set of 4

CHF 12.50

Say goodbye to colored Post-its and unsightly adhesive strips on your laptop. It can also be simple, and even more elegant! The solution: a webcam cover. Protect your privacy with the extra small and thin Twing Webcam Cover. For sensible protection of your privacy in the digital age.


Webcam Cover The small window on the Twing Webcam Cover can be easily slid back and forth – and thus opened or closed. When the window is open, it does not restrict your laptop camera. The camera cover comes in a convenient double pack. So you always have one in stock or you can protect two devices at once. Alternatively, you can also cover your smartphone front camera. Enlightened digital natives know: The cell phone camera can also activate in the background without you noticing. #protectyourprivacy – with the Twing Webcam Cover.

  • High quality aluminum processing
  • 2 webcam covers with window to the left and to the right
  • Extra small and thin webcam cover
  • Webcam cover is 100% removable without residue
  • Compatible with almost all laptops (including Mac Books)


Why buy a webcam cover at all?

Have you ever seen what Mark Zuckerberg or Edward Snowden do with their laptops? That’s right: The gentlemen demonstrably covered their webcam around the clock (not only the webcam, by the way, but even their speakers). This alone should ring all the alarm bells. The fact is, we are transparent – hackers are not even the biggest danger here, although the topic of sextortion regularly makes the rounds in the media. Blackmailers gain access to computers and webcams and threaten to publish pictures and videos with sexual content – if no ransom is paid. Why not just protect yourself effectively? A webcam cover is attached immediately, doesn’t cost the earth and protects you sustainably. Once attached, your webcam is always covered. As soon as the webcam is actually needed, the webcam cover can simply be slid open. Sure: A Post-it can also be a remedy – but it just doesn’t look as nice, keeps falling off and gums up the webcam lens.


Webcam Cover: Reasonable privacy protection

Hackers are all well and good. The possibilities available to intelligence services, for example, are something we would prefer not to know about – but unfortunately it is known. It’s better to be safe than sorry with a webcam cover. And no, this is not paranoia, but sensible privacy protection in the digital age. Protect yourself effectively and discreetly with the Twing Webcam Cover! Learn more about Webcam Cover? Click here to read our blog post, “Do I need a webcam cover?” Additional information about the Twing Webcam Cover


Weight 0.01 g
Size 1.75 x 0.9 x 0.07 cm
Mounting Adhesive back (removable)
Material Aluminum
Color Black webcam cover without logo
Design Universal design for all devices, extra small and discreet
Application Cover webcam, privacy protection
Shipping Free shipping within 2 days


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