Handyring Grey Rock

CHF 22.50

Your smartphone always firmly in hand: The Twing Handyring Grey Rock gives you additional security for the handling of your smartphone. Thanks to its stability, the ring is also ideal for watching videos by simply positioning your smartphone in front of you in portrait or landscape mode. In addition to its functionality, the Twing Handyring Grey Rock is a real showpiece and visually enhances your smartphone.



This Premium Twing Handyring is suitable for all smartphones and smaller tablets. Experience a new and safe handling of your device. With the Smartphone Ring, you automatically increase your thumb range to navigate the touchscreen. This way, you can easily and safely reach every corner of the display, even with just one hand. Thanks to the thin design, the smartphone holder does not interfere with the pants pocket. The Handyring adheres to most smartphone protective cases. It is still recommended to attach the Twing Handyring directly to the smartphone.


  • High quality zinc and metal workmanship
  • Firmly adhering 3M premium adhesive surface
  • Only 2 mm high, not disturbing in the pocket
  • 360° rotatable
  • Magnetic
  • 100% removable without residues
  • Compatible with all Twing Holders


Weight 56.9 g
Size 3.1 x 3.1 x 0.25 cm
Mounting 3M adhesive surface (removable)
Material Aluminum, Metal
Color Black, Gloss
Design Swiss Design by Twing
Application Safe handling, smartphone set up, attachment to Twing Holder
Shipping Free shipping within 2 days


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