How can the Twing Eco water bottle be personalized?

You are interested in an individual drinking bottle with company logo as a giveaway? You’ve come to the right place with Twing. Twing drinking bottle is one of the most popular promotional gifts. Here you will find valuable tips on how your personalized water bottle should look to really inspire your customers and employees. 😊 In this blog, we answer the most common questions that our customers ask us.

Material, Size & Color




Which water bottle is the best? 🏺🏺🏺

Stainless steel bottles are more suitable for promotional items than a plastic or glass bottle

We clearly recommend the thermos bottle made of high-quality stainless steel. The drinking bottle is BPA free. This means that the Twing drinking bottle does not contain plasticizers(solvents), which can dissolve when exposed to heat or in the long term. In addition, the Twing drinking bottle is double-walled. Inside the drinking bottle, so to speak, is a second smaller bottle, which is welded. The cavity gives the thermos its insulating function and stability. This makes it a robust and durable companion. It keeps your drinks hot for 12 h or cold for 24 h. In comparison, glass and plastic bottles break much faster and do not have the popular thermos function.

  • High quality stainless steel and vacuum insulated
  • 100% BPA free no plasticizers
  • Thermos function Keeps drinks cold 24h and hot 12h
  • Double walled for insulation and stability
  • Haptics simply feels best


What size is optimal for the personalized water bottle? 📏📏📏

4 sizes of Twing drinking bottle: 350 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml and 1000 ml

Now the question is, which size fits your water bottle or target group best?

The drinking bottle with a volume of 350 ml is the smallest option optimal, for example, for children or coffee to go.

The 500 ml drinking bottle has turned out to be the most popular size because it is very handy. It is not too big, but not too small either. Ideal for on the road or in the office.

The 750 mlbottle is the choice for outdoor enthusiasts or athletes. It has a larger volume and still fits in any backpack.

The 1 liter bottle is optimal for larger adventures, such as a hike or camping trip or simply for anyone who wants to stay hydrated for as long as possible while on the go and doesn’t mind a larger bottle.

Still undecided? Ask us now for sample bottles so you can test them yourself right away.

  • 4 standard sizes (350 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml and 1000 ml)
  • A suitable bottle for every purpose
  • Free sample

How to design the Twing drinking bottle? 🖌️🖌️🖌️

3D logo printing, full-surface printing, logo engraving and name engraving (from left to right)

Regarding the design of the Twing drinking bottle, there are four options:

The various finishing processes can also be combined (e.g. color printing with name engraving on the reverse). There are four main factors that will help you make your decision.

  1. When do you need the water bottles?
    A stainless steel bottle with engraved logo can be implemented within 1-2 weeks already. More time should be allowed for a full-face design.
  2. How many pieces do you need?
    There is no minimum order quantity for the engraved water bottles. We can implement a colored 3D logo print from approx. 50 pieces, a full-surface design from 100 pieces.
  3. What suits your corporate design or your company logo?
    Does your logo consist of bright colors? Then we recommend a color 3D logo print. Your logo is plain or black and white? Then probably a noble laser engraving will look the most beautiful.
  4. Who receives the water bottle?
    If the water bottles are for employees, long-term partners or important customers, for example, we recommend engraving their names. Personalized water bottles inscribed with names have a powerful and personal impact.

Questions? Of course, we will be happy to advise you personally and help you choose the right finishing.

Which color matches my thermos? 🎨🎨🎨

We produce your water bottle in any desired color according to Pantone color code

Which color would you like for your water bottle? White, silver and black bottles match almost all logos, look high quality and timeless. Your company colors are colored? Of course, we can also color your thermos individually – all colors are possible.

Pro tip: Besides black or white, pastel colors are currently in vogue (see Apple ‘s current range😉).

  • Product preview with your design
  • All colors possible according to Pantone

How to print the logo on the bottle? 🖊️🖊️🖊️

4 Twing customer examples with logo printing: Dextra, Inclusio, Pure Holding, Bächler + Güttinger (left to right)

Color printing is especially suitable for multicolor logos. Complex logos can also be implemented (see images: Inclusio). Color 3D printing is a high-quality and extremely durable finishing method. Your logo cannot be scratched off and will remain on the thermos for a long time.

Ask us now for a free visualization with your logo on the water bottle.

  • Multicolor logo printing possible
  • More complex graphics convertible
  • Ask us ans for a visualization

Can the water bottle be printed all over? 👨‍🎨👨‍🎨👨‍🎨

4 Twing customer examples with full-area design: Funk Insurance, ASIS (ISS), Ceneri (SBB) and Schwab-Guillod

In addition to logo printing or laser engraving, you also have the option to completely customize the water bottle (from the neck to and including the bottom). Your design is printed on a rectangular foil and then pressed onto the drinking bottle. You can send us the design (we will send you the template). Or let us know how you envision your custom bottle, and we’ll send you a beautiful design proposal. Just click on the button and write us via the contact form.

  • Full design from 100 pieces
  • Design template can be provided
  • Design by Twing possible

How to engrave the thermos bottle? 🖋️🖋️🖋️

3 Twing customer examples with logo engraving: Sika, Armasuisse & Kantonsspital Graubünden (from left to right)

A detailed laser engraving on the drinking bottle looks classic and classy. Both uncoated drinking bottles in silver or coated drinking bottles (e.g. black, white, blue) can be engraved:

  • For uncoated drinking bottles, the logo is first stamped into the stainless steel and then painted with black paint. The main advantage over a black logo print is the fast delivery time.
  • For coated thermos flasks, the colored coating is lasered away. This reveals the stainless steel. The steel reflects the light and thus the logo shines in silver. For monochrome logos, a discreet laser engraving is our insider tip 😉 .

Another advantage is that each drinking bottle can be individually personalized (e.g. with employee names), regardless of the coating.

  • High quality laser engraving in silver or black
  • Engraving in Switzerland
  • Small quantities also available (no minimum order quantity)
  • Individual name engraving employees, corporate clients, business partners

How to label the water bottle with name? 👶👧🧔

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Twing drinking bottles can be individually labeled with slogan, first name and or last name

In addition to the logo engraving, each drinking bottle can also be labeled individually. It is therefore possible to personalize individual drinking bottles with a customer or employee name, for example. Here we recommend a vertical name engraving, because this alignment corresponds to the shape of the bottle. Personalized promotional gifts have a strong, personal effect and also give pleasure accordingly.

  • Each bottle individually engravable
  • Large quantities possible
  • High quality & detailed laser engraving
  • Exclusive and personal gift

Can the packaging of the water bottle be customized? 🎁🎁🎁

Twing thermos bottle packaging is available in 2 variants and can be customized

With each drinking bottle is included square cardboard gift box. The packaging can be customized from 200 pieces. We offer the boxes in two different shapes (square and round). These can be in black, white or with your own design.

  • Drinking bottle incl. Gift box
  • Own packaging design
  • Design by Twing possible
  • Square or round packing